Album Spotlight; Useless Lucy by John Wilkes Booth

Useless Lucy by John Wilkes Booth

Useless Lucy was one album I’ve been anticipating since I learned that the band was working on it. It’s been well over a year, possibly two but no more than that. Naturally I had high expectations for it. Well I’m happy to report that John Wilkes Booth (aka The Booth) have delivered and the results are more than what anyone could have predicted. Continue reading

ORANGE GOBLIN Premieres New Video Via Noisey; Back From The Abyss To Drop Next Month

 ORANGE GOBLIN Premieres New Video Via Noisey; Back From The AbyssTo Drop Next Month



With the release of Back From The Abyss, the forthcoming new full-length from stoner metal icons ORANGE GOBLIN, now less than one month away, Noisey thrusts forth opening rager, “Sabbath Hex.”


Bedecked in high-speed psychedelic visuals and an occultish-vibe, theMichael Dickinson-produced clip is currently slaying eye holes via Noisey atTHIS LOCATION.


And if you missed it, check out the Motörheadian dirt rock swagger of “The Devil’s Whip” still streaming at Loudwire HERE.


Recorded earlier this year in London, ORANGE GOBLIN‘s Back From The Abyss was produced by Jamie Dodd, mastered at Turan Audio and follows the band’s most successful release, 2012’s A Eulogy For The Damned, and the recent reissue of their 2007 album Healing Through Fire. Rocking hard as fans have come expect, Back From The Abyss shows not only the band’s signature blues ‘n’ doom persuasion but the high caliber of their musicianship. In an advance 9/10 review of the record, This Is Not A Scene crowns Back From The Abyss, “another triumph for ORANGE GOBLIN,” furthering that it maintains the band’s, “consistent level of songwriting and performance all the way through its twelve tracks that make this their most accomplished album to date. Proof that hard work does indeed pay off.”


Together since 1995, ORANGE GOBLIN has released seven full-length studio albums. A Eulogy For The Damned was the band’s first for Candlelight Records and closed a five year recording hiatus. The album was supported with the most live dates by the band in their history; touring that saw the band on North American soil first alongside Clutch then on a full-scale headlining tour that found them on thirty-eight stages across the US and Canada. Two videos were filmed and released for the album, including “Red Tide Rising” and the special Scion A/V video for “Acid Trials.”


Back From The Abyss will be released October 7th, 2014 via Candlelight Records. Preorder your copy at THIS LOCATION.


“…a big burly bag of rock goodness…” – Blabbermouth


For more information contact Liz Ciavarella-Brenner ( or Paula Hogan ( European media contact Darren Toms (


CORROSION OF CONFORMITY: North Carolina Crossover Legends Premiere New Video

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY: North Carolina Crossover Legends Premiere New Video At Revolver; Band Prepares For Live Run Supporting Gwar



North Carolina crossover legends, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, are pleased to unveil their latest music video for “On Your Way,” the sixth cut from their recently released IX full-length.


Crowned, “a triumph,” by The Obelisk and, “eccentric and engaging,” by Sputnik Music, the John Custer-produced IX thrusts forth nearly forty-five minutes of the band’s signature “…smoke-wreathed grooves and sludgy rushes of belligerence (The Onions’s A.V. Club).”


View the apocalyptic clip for “On Your Way,” now playing at Revolver HERE.


In related CORROSION OF CONFORMITY happenings, the band will take to the streets again this Fall on a North American excursion supporting Gwar! Set to inaugurate on November 15th in Spokane, Washington, the massive trek — which follows the band’s recent run with Bl’ast!, Brant Bjork & The Low Desert Punk Band and Lord Dying — will stomp its way through over two dozen cities, coming to a close on December 13th in Baltimore, Maryland. Additional support will be provided by American Sharks. See confirmed dates below.


w/ Gwar, American Sharks:  

11/15/2014 Knitting Factory Concert House – Spokane, WA11/16/2014 MacEwan Hall Ballroom – Calgary, AB

11/17/2014 Union Hal – Edmonton, AB

11/19/2014 The Venue – Fargo, ND

11/20/2014 Skyway Theatre – Minneapolis, MN

11/21/2014 The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

11/22/2014 Harpo’s – Detroit, MI

11/23/2014 The Intersection – Grand Rapids, MI

11/25/2014 The Vogue – Indianapolis, IN

11/26/2014 House Of Blues – Cleveland, OH

11/28/2014 Tremont Music Hall – Charlotte, NC

11/29/2014 Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA

11/30/2014 Irving Plaza – New York, NY

12/02/2014 Exit/In –  Nashville, TN

12/03/2014 The Orange Peel – Asheville, NC

12/04/2014 Vinyl Music Hall – Pensacola, FL

12/05/2014 Firestone Live – Orlando, FL

12/06/2014 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA

12/07/2014 Newport Music Hall – Columbus, OH

12/08/2014 Mr. Smalls Theatre – Millvale, PA

12/09/2014 Opera House – Toronto, ON

12/10/2014 Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre – Montreal, QC

12/11/2014 Upstate Concert Hall – Clifton Park, NY

12/12/2014 Toad’s Place – New Haven, CT

12/13/2014 Baltimore Sound Stage – Baltimore, MD


IX is currently available via Candlelight Records. Order yours today at THIS LOCATION.


“…a meat-and-potatoes feast…” – The Obion’s A.V. Club


“…this album contains the vital elements to satisfy the most fervid CORROSION OF CONFORMITYfan.” – Rock Revolt


COC stick to the recipe that served them well on both 2012’s self-titled reboot and the follow-up EP,Megalodon: A little hardcore, a little crossover, a whole lotta Southern rock and (especially) doom metal, all stirred, shuffled, layered and frosted in ways that make guessing their next move impossible. But the band’s strategies are more expansive this time out, their tricks more finely woven into the fabric of each song.” – Decibel


“Not only does IX deliver what we hoped for, but they surpass that with an unwavering confidence – the sparks are flying on this one.” – The Sludgelord


A solid output from 30-year veterans. Stoners and punks take notice.” – Metal Underground

For review links, interviews and guest list requests contact

Greek Stoner Rock Trio Craang Signs with Pink Tank Records

Greek psychedelic/stoner rockers CRAANG have just signed a record deal with German-based Pink Tank Records, who will release the band’s debut album “To The Estimated Size Of The Universe” on vinyl in early 2015.


Based in Thessaloniki, in Greece, fuzzy psychedelic rock trio CRAANG have released one of the best spacey-psychedelic rock releases you’ll hear this year, offering an enthralling brew of fuzzy stoner rock laced with healthy dose of 70’s psychedelic rock.

“Epic, exhilarating Greek stoner/psych on a pilgrimage to the Orion nebula and beyond.”


“Worshippers of sweepingly heavy pysch rock jams laden with fuzz reverb and metallic angularities need this first bit from Craang, more stoner voyages courtesy of Greece.”


“Craang can join that ever growing list of bands who have released some remarkable music this year and in their field they can stand head and shoulders over everybody else. You need Craang in your life, this is music for the head, soul and mind.”


Review copies and interviews with Craang are now available, please for all press enquires.




Album Spotlight; Lost Traveller Chronicles Volume One by Frozen Planet….1969

Lost Traveller Chronicles Volume One by Frozen Planet....1969

If you haven’t heard these guys before, get on the bus right now because you’re going to go on a trip like you’ve never been on before. If you take that statement literally, even better. Frozen Planet….1969 is an all instrumental rock band that specializes in heavy psych based blues rock. Did I mention it’s good? No? Well it is. Their last album was good too but this new one makes the old one sound like a demo. It’s a huge improvement when there was no improvement needed. The album is long and it’s something you can rock out to or chill out to. your pick. It can even be background noise while you do other things and it is still very entertaining. The band has really honed their craft and the final product is proof positive of that.

Album Spotlight; Dirty Tapes by Born To Hula

Dirty Tapes by Born To Hula

I remember when I first came across Born To Hula a few years ago. The band had a very distinct but familiar sound. They sounded like they were a direct offshoot of Queens of The Stone Age. Fast forward to 3 years later and the band’s 4th release Dirty Tapes. The band has certainly evolved and matured over the years. The writing and even production even seems more polished than before. The band’s sound is still desert rock and plenty of fuzz to go around but it’s also a lot mellower and somewhat laid back. You definitely don’t want to go without giving this a fair shake because it’s a great album. It may take a listen or two to grow on you but once it does, you’re going to really love it.

Friday Freebies 9-12-2014

Friday Freebies 2014

“Clouds Taste Satanic have carried with them the slowest, heaviest, simplest and evilest elements of their post-rock pastinto all out doom with their debut release. Influences? From Dopesmoker era Sleep, a grinding tone and one 45 minute song. From ‘90’s era Earth, heavy distortion, no vocals and a willingness to repeat a simple riff over and over to create a pummeling form of hypnosis. Enjoy.” Continue reading

Album Spotlight; Black Mary by Red Engine Caves

Black Mary by Red Engine Caves

One of the members of a vinyl group I belong to on Facebook brought this band to my attention a few months ago. Now it’s my turn to introduce you to Red Engine Caves. This Australian tandem comes out with a ferocious debut belting out fuzzed out bluesy rock and roll with a slight hint of garage rock. It’s almost as if this is what The Black Keys may have sounded if they never went commercial. This is much better then any recent Black Keys albums and arguably, better overall.


CLUTCH To Begin Recording New Album In January

CLUTCH To Begin Recording New Album In January

Via Blabbermouth

Lithium Magazine conducted an interview with vocalist Neil Fallon of Maryland rockers CLUTCH on September 7 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. You can now watch the chat below.

Asked about CLUTCH‘s plans for the coming months, Fallon said: “We’ve got this September run that’s kind of anchored with these Riot Fests and a festival at the end of it in Baltimore. And then Continue reading

Monster Magnet to Release Milking the Stars: A Reimagining of Last Patrol

MONSTER MAGNET to Release Milking the Stars: A Reimagining of Last Patrol – Artwork, Track Listing and First Song Revealed


Available November 18th on Napalm Records

2013 saw the release of MONSTER MAGNET‘s latest album Last Patrol.  Now comes Milking the Stars a reimagining of Last Patrol. Met with critical acclaim and supported by a world tour, Last Patrol has become a staple in the MONSTER MAGNET discography.


Today the artwork, track listing and first song from Milking the Stars have been released. Wyndorf’s pick for the first song he wanted fans to be exposed to is “No Paradise For Me”.  The song according to Wyndorf is ‘interesting, fucked up and old school sounding’.  Listen to “No Paradise For Me” HERE.


Wyndorf on Milking the Stars:


Milking the Stars is a “re-imagined” version of Last Patrol featuring four new songs and live tracks.


“This was a happy experiment for me. It’s not a re-mix record by the current definition. It’s more like Last Patrol in a “what if?” style alternate reality.

“What if these songs were recorded in 1968?” “What would happen if I turned a pretty song into an angry one?” How would adding creepy organs and Mellotrons affect the emotional vibe of a song?” These are just a few of the questions that roll around in my head when I write and record any album but this time I decided to actually answer them with fully fleshed out, recorded and mixed examples.


The process actually created new songs. That’s the icing on the cake for me. New sounds, new vocals, different instruments and arrangements make for a weird 1960’s vibe totally apart from Last Patrol which was fun for Phil, Bob, Garrett, mixer Joe Barresi and myself to explore.


Finally there’s expanded versions of the songs “Last Patrol” and “Three Kingfishers” as recorded live at the AB club in Belgium, 2014. Both those songs were re-arranged for “maximum rock and psych” before we hit the road last year and feature the debut performance of new MAGNET bassist, Chris Kosnik. Personally, I think they beat the original versions.


Rock on!”


Milking the Stars Track Listing:

1. Let the Circus Burn

2. Mindless Ones ’68

3. No Paradise For Me

4. End of Time (B-3)

5. Milking the Stars

6. Hellelujah (Fuzz And Swamp)

7. I Live Behind The Clouds (Roughed Up And Slightly Spaced)

8. Goliath Returns

9. Stay Tuned (Even Sadder)

10. The Duke (Full On Drums ‘N Wah)

11. Last Patrol (Live)

12. Three Kingfishers (Live)


For More Info Visit: