Full Clutch Concert Livestream

Clutch 2015

Earlier today Clutch played a show in France that was streamed live. Most people in the USA couldn’t watch it. Fear not though, the site that streamed it was gracious enough to allow anyone to post it for viewing.

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Album Spotlight; Queen Of Electricity And Her Coming Kingdom by Electric Lady

Queen Of Electricity And Her Coming Kingdom by Electric Lady

“Electric Lady is a Beijing-based old school stoner rock band from Outer Space.”

It seems that everywhere you look, your products say “Made in China” somewhere. Surprisingly, that’s where Electric Lady comes from bringing you a smash hit album full of hooks and turns to Continue reading

Friday Freebies 8-26-2016

Friday Freebies

“Blues drenched stoner with mad eyed gnarly vocals and gnarlier riffs and rhythms.
Great artwork completes the package.-FDJ” Continue reading

Album Spotlight; Lombramorfose by Augustine Azul

Lombramorfose by Augustine Azul

Have you ever wanted to just play something and be wow’d by some great instrumentals without having to hear those pesky lyrics and have them get in your way? Sometimes I do and I do believe I found thee go-to album. That album is Lombramorfose by Augustine Azul out on the new Continue reading

Album Spotlight; Fuzz Evil by Fuzz Evil

Fuzz Evil

Fuzz Evil, from he minds that brought you the great Powered Wig Machine. Heavy and fuzzed out riffs soaked in all kinds of heavy desert rock, check. This is it folks, after what seems like an eternity, the debut by Arizona rocks Fuzz Evil are just about ready for public consumption. This is Continue reading

Friday Freebies 8-19-2016

Friday Freebies

Five freaks of Black Sabbath, vintage amplifiers, 60’s & 70’s occult horror movies, drugs and beards join together in dense smoke.
Now they are heavier than universe and louder than hell, so if you are ready to rape your mind by the noise played in the spirit of old school metal, come to the sabbath and worship doom in their temple of the riff.
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Album Spotlight; A Bend Through Space and Time by Devil to Pay

A Bend Through Space and Time by Devil to Pay

Wait a minute, what is this? The latest from Devil To Pay out now on Ripple-Music Records. Hmm… what’s it sound like? Well for beginners, if there was a genre called kick ass, this would be the prime example and an album that every band from here on out should strive to make. This is Devil To Pay’s finest release yet. There is no shortage of memorable and catchy riffs. As a matter Continue reading

Album Spotlight; Sun Killer by Shadow Witch

Sun Killer by Shadow Witch

Wow. What else can I say really? The debut from Shadow Witch is an all killer, no filler hard rock album. It’s got a little something for everyone, heavy blues, NWBHM, heavy metal, heavy psych, you name it, it’s there. This is an album that delivers with each and every play. You would be silly Continue reading

Friday Freebies 8-12-2016

Friday Freebies

Four brothers, born to Sasquatch hunters in the North Cascade Mountains, Devils Hunt Me Down emerges from the wilderness, raised on a diet of psychedelic mushrooms and bear fat, to bring you the finest Cascadian dirt metal known to man. Witness now their debut album: A Subperceptive Dose. Continue reading

Augustine Azul Sign to More Fuzz Records for Their Debut Album “Lombramorfose”

Be ready for a unique blend of Instrumental Fuzziness, Insane Grooves & Proggish/Bluesy Vibes !

For Fans Of : Radio Moscow, Earthless, The Atomic Bitchwax, Captain Beyond
Band Bio : Augustine Azul is a kickass instrumental trio from João Pessoa, Brazil consisting of João Yor (guitar), Jonathan Beltrão (Bass) and Edgard Moreira (drums). Their unique sound (yes you never heard something like that before) is focused on the Continue reading