Friday Freebies 2-24-2017

WAMi nominated Perth psych-folk-rock 5 piece The Lammas Tide take their cues from the past and deftly bring them into the present.Drawing on psychedelic and folk rock luminaries like Jefferson Airplane, Jethro Tull, and Cream, the band’s melodic approach incorporates fiddle, Rhodes, riffs, fuzz and bluesy inflections, bringing depth, soul and a fresh energy to classic 60s organ-driven psychedelia. Continue reading

Friday Freebies 2-17-2017

“Often the line between madness and wisdom can intersect and overlap. And here we have sonic proof primed and ready to belt outta your speakers – at high volume, of course! Fitting that such a recording would come to us from Greece (another one!) as the country is historically known to have spawned great philosophers and thinkers as well as a fair whack of maniacs and deviants… Continue reading

Friday Freebies 1-13-2017


Drawing inspiration from proto to vintage Heavy Metal, as well as from the imaginary of the movies & comics of the same era, WRECK PLUS is proud to present its second studio EP, somberly titled DARK CONSTRUKTOR. Continue reading

Friday Freebies 1-6-2017

In order to keep his demons at bay, he played dark and heavy music.He called it “Weird rock”. To have the demons close to him,they wouldn’t hurt him. After a number of years living away from his country the Kid returns to Mad Athens to form a band and try to make himself heard. So come closer. Long live the Kid. Continue reading

Friday Freebies 12-16-2016

Friday Freebies

Wow, one that I randomly came across that is quite different. It came up when I was looking through recent albums tagged as heavy blues. It’s some cool and funky bluesy folk rock. It’s really different. Something to check out. Continue reading

Friday Freebies 12-9-2016

Friday Freebies

Acoustic versions of some great songs by The Legendary Goodtimes. Continue reading

Friday Freebies 12-2-2016

Friday Freebies

Leather Lung are back after what seems like an eternity with their killer new album Lost In Temptation. The album will take you on a mind bending ride filled with a shitton (yeah, I said it) of killer riffs and heavy vocals growling your ears and eyes out.  Continue reading

Friday Freebies 11-25-2016

Friday Freebies

” This sounds like the fm radio bands from my high school years in the late seventies. Add a touch of grunge and a touch of stoner rock and you got Blackdust from Brazil. -Paul Rote” Continue reading

Friday Freebies 11-4-2016

Friday Freebies

Troubles by the Score is the second EP released by Finnish waster rockers King of None. Featuring three and a half action-packed songs, the EP contains some feels and some reals. The title describes the album’s recording and mixing process and is inspired by the wastelands of Mojave and forests of Kilo.The lyrical themes of the album deal with interstellar space travel gone wrong (or horribly right) with your loved ones, trading addictions and truths in light of existential Continue reading

Friday Freebies 10-21-2016

Friday Freebies

Wounded Cross were formed in 2013 by bassist Ian and vocalist Graham. The vision for the band was originally a doom band in the vein of Saint Vitus and Black Sabbath… but over time more rock influences seeped into the song writing. Guitarist Tommy and drummer Paul joined the band shortly after, adding Tom’s Hard Rock/Metal influenced Guitar playing and Paul’s metal drumming influences. Continue reading