Daily Bandcamp Album; Honkytonk on the Moon by Shadow Giant

Tickle me impressed. Dark and heavy hitting riffs with low gruff vocals. Instrumentally you’re getting some fine music. Heavy psychedelic, bluesy, doom metal. Killer material for sure. Continue reading

Daily Bandcamp; Death and Reckoning by Pearly Goats

“Pearly Goats are Jay Schlosberg,guitar and vocals. Paul Kelley plays the bass and Wilmer Earl Berry Jr plays the drums. A heathy mix of riffs, doom. punk and hippie shit all blended together for some good old sonic escapism.” Continue reading

Daily Bandcamp Album; Crooked by Orbiter

“An Oslo-based heavy rock trio, Orbiter are on a mission to pay homage to, and challenge, heavy music, combining aggressive metal with laid-back jam rock.”

Holy hell is this short and sweet or what? This is some very good laid out aggressive jams. Head pounding, that’s for sure.

Daily Bandcamp Album; The Villain by the Got It Got It Need It

“the GOT IT GOT IT NEED IT play rock & roll that’s been stripped down to its amazing, ungodly racket of a core. Shuddering their way through influences like dirty garage rock, the slow, heavy heat of Morphine and the delta blues, this is a band fearlessly throwing back shots of the raw-spirited music that they play.” Continue reading

Daily Bandcamp Album; Strange Pleasures by Dreamtime

“Hailing from Brisbane’s underground DIY scene, DREAMTIME aims to create personal journeys to help draw listeners out of their frontal lobe consciousness and into sonic fantasies. During extended meditative jams, the music plays through DREAMTIME. Inspiration comes from psychedelic bands from 1968 – 1971 among other places.” Continue reading

On The Seventh Day of Christmas…..

…My true love sent to me, Ripple-Music.

I really hope that I don’t need to explain what and who Ripple-Music are. If you’ve followed this site or the related Facebook page to any extent then I know that you know all about Ripple-Music.

I chose Ripple for today for the sheer amount of great music that the label released this year. 2016 was a banner year for the label releasing music from some of the underground’s biggest heavyweights to some new and future stars. They Continue reading

On The Sixth Day of Christmas…..

cody-jinks-im-not-the-devil…My true love sent to me, I’m Not The Devil by Cody Jinks.

Cody Jinks first entered my radar last year when he released his most excellent Adobe Sessions album. I was told to check the album out based on my likeness for Sturgill Simpson’s and Whitey Morgan’s music. I liked the album so much that it ended up being one of my favorite non rock releases of 2015. I honestly wasn’t expecting a new album until 2017 at the very earliest so to find out that a new album was coming in August was quite welcoming.

I had wondered how the new album would hold up to Continue reading

Daily Bandcamp Album; ROAST EP by Roast

ROAST EP by Roast

“Navigating through powerful sonic storms while touching the light of lands unknown to modern man. Roast stretch their smoke trails from the East coast to their home in the greater Los Angeles Continue reading

Daily Bandcamp Album; Hard Days by Hard Days

Hard Days by Hard Days

Wow. Hol-e-shit. This is fantastic. 70’s based hard rock with some acid rock thrown in for good measure, pieces of heavy psych also bless this album. Call it a mix of The Allman Brothers and Continue reading