On The Sixth Day of Christmas…..

cody-jinks-im-not-the-devil…My true love sent to me, I’m Not The Devil by Cody Jinks.

Cody Jinks first entered my radar last year when he released his most excellent Adobe Sessions album. I was told to check the album out based on my likeness for Sturgill Simpson’s and Whitey Morgan’s music. I liked the album so much that it ended up being one of my favorite non rock releases of 2015. I honestly wasn’t expecting a new album until 2017 at the very earliest so to find out that a new album was coming in August was quite welcoming.

I had wondered how the new album would hold up to Continue reading

Album of the Week; Defenders of the Riff by Wasted Theory

Defenders of the Riff by Wasted Theory

If I had to describe Wasted Theory’s Defender of the Riff with just one word, I would have to use behemoth. It’s much larger than big and at least 10x larger than mammoth. To say Wasted Theory made leaps and bounds with the new album over an already fine Death and Taxes is an Continue reading