Electric Wizard “I am Nothing” Video Debuts; Time To Die Pre-Orders Available


Electric Wizard Band

LONDON, July 29, 2014 — Electric Wizard have revealed that their forthcoming studio album, Time To Die, will be released on Sept. 30 via Spinefarm Records; Time To Die is the eighth full-length offering from the masters of aural punishment, and is testament to the fact that Electric Wizard continue to be the most uncompromisingly heavy, genuinely twisted and evil band in the world.This will be their first album release since signing a worldwide deal with Spinefarm Records.

In addition to this, a brand new video clip for “I am Nothing” has been unleashed via www.ElectricFuckinWizard.com.

EW guitarist/vocalist Jus Oborn has said if the track, which harnesses the dark underground death metal spirit of 1984:

“It was the year I became a metal-head.  It was heavy shit for real – there was no way you were ever going to get a decent job. So I became a Satanist, I dug up a grave, I got into tape-trading, I had a one-man noise/black/death metal band called Regurgitated Guts, and there were loads of documentaries on TV warning us not to listen to the devil’s music…”

All official Electric Wizard pre-order bundles are now live on www.ElectricFuckinWizard.com, featuring limited numbers of vinyl, CD, T-shirt, back-patch and pin badge packages.

Electric Wizard, who have just played headline slots at a number of European festivals, including Hellfest (France), Roskilde (Denmark) and Sonisphere (UK), have the following appearances lined up for 2014, with more shows to be added:

August 16     London, UK     Jabberwocky (The Excel Centre)
September 12     Portugal     Reverence Valada (headline with Hawkwind)
October 10     Antwerp, Belgium     Desertfest

Electric Wizard are here for Revenge… Be Afraid…


Dean Allen Foyd Cover

NEW 7”-Single ‘Sunshine Song/Devil’s Path’ From Swedish Psychedelic Rockers DEAN ALLEN FOYD is OUT NOW!

H42 Records is proud to announce that the Swedish psychedelic rockers from DEAN ALLEN FOYD are back on your turntables. The 7” Single was recorded at Fashionpolice Studios Continue reading

New Larman Clamor Album Announced

Larmon Clamor Cover

Friends of the Clamor, it is that time of the year again to annouce a new album!
The musical journey continues with “Beetle Crown & Steel Wand”, Larman Clamor’s 5th album.
There is no fixed release date as of yet, but it will most likely be out on the mighty fine
Small Stone Records this fall or near the end of 2014. Let the chips fall where they may and
let the spirits speed my hands to get the artwork done. 🙂

In the meantime, here you all have a peek at the album cover and the tracklisting. Continue reading

LAS CRUCES: Texan doom crew ink new contract with RIPPLE MUSIC

Burly, Texan doom rockers Las Cruces have signed to California’s Ripple Music for a world-wide onslaught of heavy rock. The group, who just completed a standout performance at the infamous Doom in June Festival, have already started writing and making demos and will enter an undisclosed studio this summer to record their Ripple Music debut and follow up to 2010’s Dusk, which The Obelisk hailed as “something not to be missed by loyal doomers.”

Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Las Cruces has spent the past several years bludgeoning audiences with their doom-driven, precision sound. Originated in 1994 by George Trevino, their influences range from Venom, Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Fates Warning to vintage Sabbath. Las Cruces has risen to the top of the South Texas metal heap and left its mark across the Lone Star State, with a resume that includes opening slots with such acts as Overkill, Nebula, Kyuss, Trouble, Spirit Caravan, Solitude Aeturnus, Cathedral, Monster Magnet, Rob Zombie, Bio-Hazard, Pissing Razors, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Eyehategod, Crowbar, Sixty Watt Shaman, Vader, Kreator., Atomic Bitchwax, Gates of Slumber, Lo Pan, Earthride, Pale Devine, Kamelot, Sour Vein, Weedeater and many others.

Shortly after forming, Las Cruces began touring the Texas scene, gaining widespread recognition and the interest of John Perez, guitarist of Solitude Aeturnus & owner of Brainticket Records, thus forging the Debut release, S.O.L. After a year of touring Texas and the Southern States, Las Cruces decided to re-enter the studio. Driven by the hunger and sharpness of old school metal along with the power melodies of 70s rock, Las Cruces released their skull-crushing follow-up, 1998’s Ringmaster. Las Cruces was invited to perform at the first-annual Stoner Hands of Doom Fest in August of 1999 and have been asked to perform regularly at many heavy rock festivals in North America ever since.

Over the years Las Cruces has gone through line-up changes and rumors of break-up. However, these things have not foiled the bands ideology.  The band was honored to be featured in The Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal by author Daniel Bukszpan in 2003 as well as in the publication Rockdetector Music Presents: Stoner, Doom and Gothic Metal series published in 2003.

Described as “a journey into a parallel sonic universe of all that is heavy,” their songs are sprinkled mighty, bludgeoning riffs; barn-burning guitar work, and apocalyptic vocals that melt listener’s brains. Las Cruces is poised to begin the metal onslaught for the masses as they prepare to record their fourth full-length album.

“We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Ripple Music to unleash the fourth Las Cruces record upon the underground,” comments Trevino.  “Many of our friends and contemporaries have passed through the ranks and we’re thrilled to march onward into the streets with them at our side.”

In addition to George Trevino on guitar, Las Cruces features Mando Tovar – Lead Guitar, Paul De Leon – Drums and vocals, and Jimmy Bell – Bass Guitar

Las Cruces is available to speak with interested media now. To chat with the band, contact southernxpr@gmail.com.

Dusk is rudely riffer’s doom. I hesitate, though, to call Las Cruces traditional doom. Guitarists George Trevino and Mando Tovar know their Sabbath, but there’s a grittier, more uniquely American thrust to their tones that feels more in line with modern biker metal. There are souls being burned, Christians being slaughtered and no shortage of blood being spilled otherwise.”  — The Obelisk

Dusk is a welcome return from Las Cruces. This is another album that will be high up on peoples list for best albums for 2010 so you will want to check it out as soon as possible. 9/10” — Doommantia

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Ripple Music:

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RIPPLE MUSIC and STB RECORDS forge new partnership

Over the last few years, Ripple Music and STB Records had established hefty reputations as leaders in the heavy rock scene; blasting out killer albums of stoner, doom, heavy psych and sludge.  Both Labels have run up an impressive list of sold-out and highly sought after releases, such as Mothership, Mos Generator, Ape Machine, Poobah, Brimstone Coven, Doctor Doom, Dopethrone and Druglord.  Yet, deep down, both labels always hoped they could do more to help the underground scene reach a great audience.

Now that hope is a reality.

As of June 2014, Ripple Music and STB Records have forged a relationship that will expand upon the top-notch, limited releases by STB Records with a full complement of Digipack CD’s and Digital distribution via Ripple Music.  Both companies remain separate entities, each with their own roster of heavy-rocking bands, release schedules, and A&R, but the partnership allows the DIY Labels to work more closely together to get the music out to a world-wide fanbase that is clamoring for more.

In a very short period of time, STB Records had carved a place for itself with its boutique style deluxe, limited-edition vinyl releases. Die-hard editions, OBI editions, and multi-colored vinyl had heavy music fans salivating. Most STB releases sell out in a manner of hours and already command top dollar on the resale collectors market like Dopethrone, Spelljammer, Ancient Warlocks and Brimstone Coven.   Ripple Music established its reputation as a leading force in the resurrection of heavy rock with its keen ear for talent and partnership approach with its bands that led to a string of best-selling releases by Mothership, Mos Generator, Stone Axe, Ape Machine, Devil to Pay and Grifter as well as some highly regarded reissues of classic ’70s albums and new releases by protometal giants like Leaf Hound, Poobah, JPT Scare Band and Iron Claw.  Ripple Music established a world-wide network of physical and digital distribution that it will employ to spread the CD and digital versions of STB artists around the globe.

“I’m a firm believer of cooperation amongst labels, not competition,” comments Ripple Music CEO Todd Severin.The goal is to get the music heard. Get it out there.  Help the bands. By working together in this capacity, Ripple Music and STB Records can make a huge impact.”

STB Records President, Steve Macioci agrees. “I think it’s only right that people with the same values and ethos work together for the common good. There is a DIY renaissance happening in the underground stoner rock/doom scene right now, STB and Ripple are right there at the forefront setting the plate for these amazing artists to be heard and discovered. We are carving a path for this new resurgence and its 100% DIY for music lovers by music lovers, untainted by greed or ego. It’s so exciting.”

The first joint Ripple Music/STB release will be the CD and digital versions of STB’s immediate sold-out release by Ancient Warlocks, with more joint ventures to follow with the new Geezer album.

Ripple Music and STB Records. A new cooperation. A new force to reckon with in the underground heavy music scene.

Ripple Music: ripple-music.com
STB Records: stbrecords.bigcartel.com

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LO-PAN: Ohio Riff Rock Peddlers To Release New Full-Length Via Small Stone This Fall

LO-PAN: Ohio Riff Rock Peddlers To Release New Full-Length Via Small Stone This Fall; Artwork + Track Listing Unveiled



Long-running Ohio riff rock peddlers, LO-PAN, are pleased to unveil the details of their long awaited new full-length fittingly titled, Colossus.


Named for the Colossus of Rhodes — a ninety-six-foot statue of the titan-god of the sun, Helios,constructed in 280 BC to mark a failed siege and the indomitable nature of the Greek city of Rhodes itself — LO-PAN‘s fourth opus serves as their most personal manifestation to date and a true testament to their evolution both as a band and individually.


In the three years since of the release of third long-player, Salvador, the Columbus four-piece have logged countless miles, crossing the country multiple times over on headlining tours and supporting the likes of Torche, High on Fire, KENmode, Whores, Fu Manchu and Weedeater. They’ve become one of the most ferocious live acts in American heavy rock, and Colossus stands tall to reap the rewards of their experience.


For the first time in their near decade-long existence, LO-PAN knew exactly what they wanted when they hit the studio. They’d road-tested songs like “Eastern Seas” and the title track for over a year, and partnering with producer/engineer Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Rosetta, East Of The Wall et al) at his Translator Audio studio in Brooklyn just days after headlining Small Stone showcases in that city and Boston last March, they belted out songs that reveal just how much they’ve moved beyond their influences and arrived at their own sound — a style built on aggression without caricature, fuzz without cliché, melody without redundancy and their meanest groove to date.


Complete with cover art courtesy of Jason Alexander Byers (ex-Disengage, Black Black Black), Colossus, like its namesake, was built in defiance of gods and men, and while LO-PAN‘s loudest statement has always been made on stage, the material they craft and the power with which they execute it on this album is bound to stand for years to come.


Colossus Track Listing:

1. Regulus
2. Land Of The Blind
3. Black Top Revelation
4. Marathon Man
5. N.P.D.
6. Colossus
7. Vox
8. Eastern Seas
9. Relo
10. The Duke


Colossus will be released via Small Stone on October 7th, 2014. Further details including track teasers and preorder links to be announced in the coming weeks.

LO-PAN could easily stand as one of the most important bands of their generation in the genre.” — The Obelisk

“With enough stoner rock goodness to destroy bridges and skyscrapers alike, LO-PAN show that they are one of several absolutely essential rock outfits working today and a major force to be reckoned with.” — Sputnik Music




Friday Freebies 7-25-2014

Friday Freebies 2014

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Album Spotlight; Psychache by Curse The Sun

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CLUTCH: Release “Summer Sound Attack” 10-Song Compilation (Streaming/Download)




CLUTCH, SUMMER SOUND ATTACK cover artwork: http://msopr.com/files/summer_sound_attack_cover_artwork.JPG.

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