Wake And Bake; Heavy Glow & Hash Brown Skillet

Wake n Bake

There’s a kick ass blog called Stoner Rock BBQ. What they do there is make up some killer food on the grill with a tasty cold beer. It’s one of those sites that packs on the calories just by reading the site. This article is a little homage to them.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I love breakfast, it’s one of those meals that I can eat at any time of the day. What I’m making today is a hash brown skillet while listening to Heavy Glow’s Pearls & Swine and Everything Fine. It’s a pretty common meal and what I love about it is Continue reading

Houses of the Holistic, Roadburn 2015’s Curated Event: Line-up Main Stage Complete

Houses of the Holistic, Roadburn 2015’s Curated Event: Line-up Main Stage Complete

Spidergawd (ft. Motorpsycho’s Bent Sæther & Kenneth Kapstad), Lo-Pan and Bast confirmed for 20th edition Roadburn Festival

Roadburn Festival 2015 Ticket Pre-Sales Start Thursday, Oct 16th 2014 at 21:00 CET; Pre-Sales Party at The 013 Venue (NL)

Roadburn’s special curated events put a unique spin on the already eclectic nature of the festival, and are also accurate reflections of the influences and interests of the guest curators. In 2013 Jus Osborn (Electric Wizard) turned the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands, into ground zero for the world’s most cutting-edge doom and acid rock, while 2014 saw Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth) offer up a master class in some of the greatest progressive rock ever created.

On Friday, April 11, 2015 the main stage at 013 will become a gathering place for heathen spirits, as Houses Of The Holistic will feature six acts that vividly reflect the epic grandeur of heavy music, and most vitally, Scandinavia. In addition to performances byEnslaved and Wardruna, featuring curators Ivar Bjørnson and Einar Selvik respectively, as well as the special Enslaved/Wardruna collaboration Skuggsjá, Norwegian avant-garde act Virus and Icelandic post-metal favourites Sólstafir, highly influential UK gothic innovators Fields Of The Nephilim will make an exclusive special guest appearance.

In related news, Spidergawd is a Norwegian sort-of supergroup featuring Motorpsycho’sBent Sæther (bass), Kenneth Kapstad (drums) and Per Borten of Cadilac-fame – the only Trondheim band that ever got close to Norway’s much revered rock titans.

However, Spidergawd is a band in its own right, and on their bludgeoning S/T debut, the band, completed by Rolf Martin Snustad on saxophone, proffer a bulldozing, fuzzed out post-boogie assault, which owes equal debts to ZZ Top, MC5, Foghat or even Savoy Brown.

Yes, this is full-on heavy 70s worship, delivered with relish by a bunch of Hard Rock aficionados that are currently creating quite a buzz in Norway, and will capture the 20th edition of Roadburn Festival by storm when they hit Het Patronaat on Thursday, April 9.

For the better part of the past five years, Ohio fuzz rockers Lo-Pan have been on tour in support of their 2009 sophomore outing, Sasquanout, and 2011’s Salvador, turning them into one of the underground’s hardest touring bands.

Salvador was a pinnacle for Lo-Pan‘s blend of their 70s rock heritage shot through with 80s metal fire, a fluid groove, and soulful vocals, pushing the band beyond the confines of the stoner rock genre.

Hot on the heels of the their forthcoming album, Colossus – the band’s fourth overall and second full-length for Detroit’s Small Stone RecordsLo-Pan will kick a good deal of ass at the 20th edition of Roadburn Festival on Sunday, April 12 at the 013 venue.

Colossus marks a meaner, more precise Lo-Pan with the band a tighter and more efficient-sounding unit than they’ve ever been!

London-based blackened doom triad Bast have also been confirmed for Roadburn 2015. Over the last year Bast have managed to staunchly hold their own on stages shared with such behemoths as Primitive Man and Coltsblood and next year will see them upping their game yet more and bringing the hammer down at Roadburn in the Green Room onSunday, April 12.

Tickets for the 20th edition of Roadburn Festival, set for April 9 – 12 at the 013 venue inTilburg, The Netherlands, will go on sale on Thursday, October 16, 2014. Set your alarm and get ready to score your tickets at 21:00 CET!

We are pleased to report that there will be NO price increase this year. Three-day tickets will be available for 165 Euros (excl. servicefees); four-day tickets will cost 185 Euros(excl. service fees). Afterburner-only tickets will cost 32.50 Euros (excl. service fees). Please note that one-day tickets are not available for the Thursday, Friday or SaturdayRoadburn dates. Online buyers can order a maximum of four tickets.

For everyone in the Netherlands and Belgium: we are aware that your local ticket outlets will not be open when pre-sales start, which is why we are throwing another pre-sales party at the 013 venue in Tilburg (NL). From 19:00 CET20:30 CET you will be able to purchase a maximum of four paper tickets for Roadburn Festival 2015. Guaranteed!

In addition to making it easy to get tickets, the pre-sales party is going to be a blast! This year, we have invited The Machine and Radar Men From The Moon to provide the soundtrack. More info HERE.

Curated by Ivar Bjørnson (Enslaved) and Wardruna‘s Einar “Kvitrafn” Selvik, Roadburn Festival 2015 (including Skuggsjá, Enslaved, Wardruna, Fields of the Nephilim, Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin performing Dawn of The Dead and Susperia in its entirety, Zombi, Sólstafir, White Hills, Bongipper,Floor and The Heads as Artist In Residence among others) will run for four days from Thursday, April 9to Sunday, April 12 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Media professionals and representatives working within the music industry are welcome to apply for accreditation to Roadburn Festival 2015 HERE.

The deadline for all accreditation requests is February 28.

Friday Freebies 9-26-2014

Friday Freebies 2014

“Barreling down the heated South Texas asphalt like a souped -up ‘68 Charger comes San Antonio’s Scissorjack. Even Houston’s top-rated paving contractor will break a sweat looking at the aftermath on the tarmac. The band has been honing its unique brand of southern melodic heavy rock for over 2 years. Their first EP entitled “ The Scissorjack EP “ was released in the summer of 2012. The newest cd Be The Wolf has just been realeased featuring signature songs but also take a step forward.” Continue reading

Clutch; Announce U.S. Headlining Winter Tour; Ready Pre-Production On Eleventh Studio Album




CLUTCH band photo: http://msopr.com/files/clutch_band_photo_med_r.jpg

L-R: Jean-Paul Gaster, Tim Sult, Dan Maines and Neil Fallon.

Continue reading

Giant Squid to Release New LP Minoans October 28

Bay Area Doom Rock Collective Unveils New Album Details
“heavy and foreboding, but folkloric and didactic in its storytelling — a Jules Verne for headbangers’ row.” – NPR
   San Francisco progressive doom-rock scientists, GIANT SQUID will release their anxiously-awaited fifth LP Minoans October 28 via Translation Loss Records. Recorded and mixed with engineer Tim Green (Earthless, Melvins) at Louder Studios in Grass Valley, CA, the record sees the avant-garde band at their most refined, focused and vital as it fully embraces its Mediterranean leanings and lyrically excavates one of the earliest civilizations known to history; examining how the aquatic demise of the ancient proto-Greek people may foretell our own end. Minoans is the follow up to GIANT SQUID‘s 2011 release Cenotes, an album that was hailed as “science sludge” by Pitchfork and “earthy, experimental doom metal à la Neurosis” by Revolver.
   GIANT SQUID has been wielding palatial vocals and enormous waves of cello, keys, and exotic sludge riffs for over ten years, garnering universal critical acclaim. OnMinoans, marine biology and natural history metaphorically collide with heartbreaking stories of historic human tragedy; resulting in some of the most emotional and sincere music being made today in any underground scene. Recorded this past June and tested live over the summer supporting like-minded peers YOB, Minoans is crushingly heavy, exotically beautiful, and unapologetically musical; GIANT SQUID‘s finest hour to date. Conceptual artwork created by guitarist / vocalist Aaron John Gregory adds to soaring scope of this ambitious album.

“Minoans” is the record I’ve always known Giant Squid could make; ancient, exotic and other-worldly, while showing a new level of refined focus,” comments Gregory. “Lyrically, the album is a giant love letter to the Mediterranean and specifically Bronze-age Greece – a region, people, and time period that deeply fascinates me – and which I feel mirrors these heartbreakingly brutal, turbulent times we live in today.”

* Check out an interactive illustration on the mysterious demise of the Minoans, created by GIANT SQUID‘s Aaron John Gregory now at this location.

GIANT SQUID (L to R: Jackie Perez Gratz, Zack Farwell, Bryan Beeson, Andrew Southard, Aaron John Gregory) photo: Lauren Wiest
   Track listing:
     1.) Minoans
2.) Thera
     3.) Sir Arthur Evans
4.) Palace of Knossos
5.) Sixty Foot Waves
6.) Mycenaeans
     7.) The Pearl and the Parthenon
     8.) Phaistos Disc
     Minoans is available for pre-order purchase now at this location.
   In addition to Gregory, GIANT SQUID features Bryan Beeson (bass) Jackie Perez Gratz (cello, vocals), Andrew Southard (keyboards, vocals) and Zack Farwell (drums).
   Follow GIANT SQUID on social media:


     twitter: @GiantSquidBand

    GIANT SQUID is available to speak with interested media now. To chat with the band / request an advance copy of Minoans, simply contact Carl Schultz @ ACTION! PR via any of the means listed below. Updated news and tour information will be made available via ACTION! PR online (website / facebook / twitter). 

    “Finally, a post-everything band that actually meets and sometimes surpasses their insta-cool laundry list of influences.” – DECIBEL

“Some bands cast longer shadows than their discographies might suggest…their intoxicating blend of metallic sludge, Mediterranean exotica, and virtuoso songcraft have made them one of the most critically acclaimed bands in the metal world as of late.” –

“Giant Squid are one of the strangest bands on the heavy music landscape today…an interesting listen” –

   “Giant Squid are one of the best — and most underrated — metal bands currently plying doomy/sludgy waters.” – BROOKLYN VEGAN

The Picturebooks European Tour Dates with Kadavar | New album on Ridingeasy Records

Blues rock duo’s Imaginary Horse released on 7th October via RidingEasy Records
It’s not surprising that The Picturebooks recorded their 2014 album, Imaginary Horse (RidingEasy Records), in the same garage where they regularly refurbish and repair motorcycles and choppers.

The German duo – Fynn Claus Grabke (vocals, guitar) and Philipp Mirtschink (drums) – capture a raw, rich, and real energy befitting of the room’s natural reverb, industrial aura, and spiritual spark. Most importantly, the record also begins to rev up the boys’ career like never before.

Fynn and Philipp first crossed paths at a local skate park. Becoming fast friends, they realized their mutual interests extended beyond shredding half-pipes and into music like The Smiths, The Cure, and Minor Threat. Soon, they began writing songs together, utilizing equipment Fynn’s dad Claus had accumulated over his years as a musician and record producer.

After two independent releases in Europe, the pair played major festivals such as Sziget and toured with everybody from International Noise Conspiracy to Spinnerette. Simultaneously, they garnered international attention for their motorcycle builds and received prominent profiles in tastemaker publications including DICE Magazine, Kustom, and many others.

They made their first trek to the United States in 2013. Following an explosive Hollywood gig supporting Eagles of Death Metal for DICE, they embarked on their inaugural North American tour and buzz began to spread through word of mouth and social media, specifically Twitter and Instagram. By the time they returned home, the group had inked a deal with RidingEasy Records.

The Picturebooks retreated to their “garage” in order to recordImaginary Horse during early 2014. Mirroring their daredevil skateboarding ethos, they broke rules while recording they conjured  true fire in the garage with that astounding, untainted reverb and their personal arsenal of modified instruments. That fire pulsates through the first single ‘Your Kisses Burn Like Fire’. A hulking beat gives way to a bluesy guitar twinge before Fynn howls the titular refrain. Where the title track takes flight on that distorted hum and booming echo before slipping into psychedelic territory.

Ultimately, all of these pieces form a blues rock pastiche that’s as individualistic as it is infectious. The Picturebooks’ Imaginary Horsebecomes a reality for rock ‘n’ roll now.

The Picturebooks take to the road throughout October/November in support of Kadavar, and Imaginary Horse is released on 7th October via RidingEasy Records.


3/10 – Erfurt, Haus der Sozialen Dienste (HSD) (Germany)
5/10 – Karlsruhe, Substage (Germany)
6/10 – Bielefeld, Forum (Germany)
7/10 – Hannover, Musikzentrum (Germany)
8/10 – Dortmund, FZW (Germany)
9/10 – Bremen, Tower (Germany)
10/10 – Antwerp, Desertfest (Beligium)
11/10 – Rostock, Peter Weiss Haus (Germany)
12/10 – Kiel, Die Pumpe (Germany)
14/10 – Breslau, Liverpool (Poland)
15/10 – Warsaw, Hydrozgadka (Poland)
16/10 – Dresden, Beatpol (Germany)
17/10 – Innsbruck, Weekender (Austria)
20/10 – Salzburg, Rockhaus (Austria)
21/10 – Geneva, ISC (Switzerland)
22/10 – Kassel, Musiktheater (Germany)
23/10 – Frankfurt, Das Bett (Germany)
26/10 – Saarbrucken, Garage (Germany)
28/10 – Gijon, Acapulco Casino (Spain)
29/10 – Porto, Hardclub (Portugual)
30/10 – Madrid, Copernico (Spain)
31/10 – Cadiz, Series Z Festival (Spain)
1/11 – Barcelona, Bikini (Spain)
2/11 – Milan, Lo Fi Club (Italy)
3/11 – Bologna, Freakout Club (Italy)
5/11 – Budapest, A 48 (Hungary)
7/11 – Paris, La Fleche d’Or (France)
9/11 – Copenhagen, Loppen (Denmark)
11/11 – London, The Black Heart (UK)
13/11 – Graz, PPC (Austria)
15/11 – Dornbirn, Conrad Sohm (Austria)
17/11 – Bordeaux, L’Heretic (France)
18/11 – Rennes, L’Ubu (France)
20/11 – Dunkirk, Les 4 Ecluses (France)
22/11 – Eindhoven, Speedfest (Netherlands)
23/11 – Berlin, Astra (Germany)

Windhand/Salem’s Pot Split 10″ Premieres on NOISEY.com


September 24, 2014 – Halloween is about to get loud…

On October 31, RidingEasy Records will unleash a special split 10” vinyl featuring new music from both Windhand and Salem’s Pot. The pre-sale goes live here on September 27, and the pressing is limited to 1,000.

Among those, 100 are opaque orange as a Windhand exclusive, 100 are opaque purple as a Salem’s Potexclusive, 50 will arrive in a Leather Sleeve by Freehand Leather, while Riding Easy Records exclusives include 100 clear (Die Hard) and 100 with an orange center and black outer. The 200 pressings of theCobraside Exclusive will feature a black center and orange outer, and the remaining vinyl will consist of 150 red and 200 black.
On Side A, Windhand (Relapse Records) deliver the billowing “Forest Clouds”. A ten-minute journey through a haze of distortion and vocal wails, it’s an incendiary cut emblematic of the band’s technical prowess and thunderous energy. For Side 1, Salem’s Pot take a gargantuan trip of their own on “Pink Flamingos”. Rising from feedback swells into a booming and bombastic riffs, the track instantly transfixes as it evinces their technical prowess and knack for a groove. This is the ultimate Halloween soundtrack.You can take a listen via Noisey’s exclusive premiere of the split at this link.

In other Salem’s Pot news, the Swedish psychedelic sorcerers will be playing the 2015 Roadburn Festival, are releasing the smoking 7” record “Ego Trip” on October 14th and will be on tour in February 2015 with label mates Monolord.

Windhand is currently here in the United States on tour and will be off to Australia and New Zealand dates below.

Sep 26
Austin, TX
Red 7 (Outdoors) w/ Dead Meadow, Harsh Toke

***Australian Tour w/ Beastwars ***
Oct 02
Brisbane, AU

Oct 03
Sydney, AU

Oct 04
Melbourne, AU
Yah Yah’s

Oct 05
Melbourne, AU
The Tote

***New Zealand Tour w/ Beastwars***

Oct 08
Christchurch, NZ
Dux Live w/ The Hex Waves

Oct 09
Dunedin, NZ
Chick’s Hotel w/ Space Bats, Attack!

Oct 10
Wellington, NZ
San Fran w/ Mermaidens

Oct 11
Auckland, NZ
King’s Arms w/ Greenfog

Nov 01
Santa Ana, CA
Day of the Shred @ The Observatory

About RidingEasy Records:  Formed in 2013 out of the sleepy beach town of Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles, RidingEasy Records (formerly EasyRider Records) is dedicated to unearthing the finest in heavy psych, doom, stoner and heavy rock. Products include limited edition runs of vinyl and cassettes with creative packaging and the label has eleven bands currently signed to its roster; Electric Citizen, The Well, Salem’s Pot, Slow Season, Albino Python, Sons of Huns, Black Prism, Old Man’s Will (US only), Monolord, Shooting Guns and Spiral Shades. RidingEasy Records has also secured the exclusive rights to cassette releases by Sleep, Danava, Witchcraft, Kadavar, Graveyard,  Saint Vitus, Valfader, FUZZ, Windhand, The ZigZagz and Orchid with more titles to come.


Sept. 24, 2014, Los Angeles – The Melvins, in anticipation of the Oct. 14 release of Hold It In (Ipecac Recordings), have released “Sesame Street Meat” via The Quietus (http://thequietus.com/articles/16316-melvins-butthole-surfers-sesame-street-meat).

Fans will surely devour “Sesame Street Meat” which nods to the band’s Gluey Porch Treatments debut, and encapsulates their great-humored, gut-wrenching, riff-centric formula, which has continued to evolve with each release.

About the track Dale Crover comments…”This track is one of the first songs we recorded together. I love Jeff’s slinky little bass line that comes in around the 3rd measure! Then the whole band kicks in and just crushes you like a bug! One of my faves! I can’t wait to play it live!
Don’t forget to listen to their previously released “Brass Cupcake” which is streaming via Rolling Stone: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/premieres/hear-melvins-brass-cupcake-from-butthole-surfers-collabo-lp-hold-it-in-20140822.
Digital pre-orders for Hold It In are available now via iTunes with the album lead-off, “Bride of Crankenstein,” offered as an immediate download upon orderhttp://geni.us/MelvinsHoldItIn


Mars Red Sky Unveil New Psych Video for “Join The Race”; European Tour Extended

Following their spacey second effort “Stranded In Arcadia”, French stoner rockers MARS RED SKY recently presented their brand new video for “Join The Race”. In their own inimitable trippy style, the trio takes you along a kaleidoscopic journey across North America’s dusty deserted landscapes and railways. Sticking to the band’s DIY ethos, the video was exclusively made from archive images and edited by long time friend and video director Colin Manierka.
Check out Mars Red Sky’s new video AT THIS LOCATION
This fall, MARS RED SKY will keep on delivering fuzz to the European masses by playing an extensive serie of shows, which started last week with a smashing performance at heavy psych festival Reverence Valada in Portugal. Dates have already been locked in the UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, as well as in France where they will share the stage with national doom heroes Year Of No Light. Expect more cities to be announced in the next couple of weeks.
24.09 LILLE (59) L’Aéronef Club
25.09 LONDON (UK) The Black Heart
26.09 CORBIE (80) Festival Rockin’ the Docks
27.09 CAEN (14) Le Bocal
01.10 TOURS (37) La Belle Rouge
02.10 PARIS (75) La Maroquinerie
03.10 CHAMBÉRY (73) Blizzard Mountain’s Fest
04.10 PRATTELN (SWZ) Up in Smoke Festival
05.10 FELDKIRCH (AT) Graf Hugo
06.10 ERBA (IT) Rock Pub Centrale
07.10 BRESCIA (IT) Lio Bar
08.10 VIENNA (AT) Arena
09.10 WÜRZBURG (GER) Immerhin Würzburg
10.10 ESSLINGEN (GER) Klub Komma
11.10 LINZ (AT) Kapu
12.10 BERLIN (GER) Bassy Club
13.10 SIEGEN (GER) Vortex Musikclub
14.10 HAMBURG (GER) Rock Café St Pauli
15.10 KOHLN (GER) Underground Cologne
16.10 KARLSRUHE (GER) Alte Hackerei
17.10 FRANKFURT (GER) Sky High Festival
18.10 MUNICH (GER)  Keep it Low Festival
19.10 MILANO (IT) Arci Lo-Fi
20.10 NICE (06) Le Volume
07.11 CLERMONT FERRAND (63) Le Raymond Bar
08.11 SAVIGNY LE TEMPLE (77) L’Empreinte
09.11 CHOLET (49) Le Jardin de Verre
20.11 NANTES (44) Le Ferrailleur ***
21.11 BIARRITZ (64) L’Atabal ***
22.11 TOULOUSE (31) Le Connexion ***
10.12 POITIERS (86) Le Confort Moderne ***
12.12 STRASBOURG (67) La Laiterie ***
13.12 LYON (69) Le Marché Gare ***
18.12 BORDEAUX (33) Le Krakatoa – MRS & Friends
New album “Stranded in Arcadia” is available worldwide
and can be ordered directly at marsredsky.bigcartel.com

Lo-Pan: Ohio’s Riffiest Spills New Track At Revolver; Journey With Black Cobra Continues


Ohio riff rockers, LO-PAN, hurl forth another track of amplified goodness with “Eastern Seas,” now playing at Revolver.


The tune comes by way of LO-PAN‘s forthcoming Colossus full-length set for release via Small Stone Recordings later this month. Produced and engineered by Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Rosetta, East Of The Wall et al) at his own Translator Audio Studio in Brooklynm Colossus wasnamed in honor of a gargantuan statue of the Greek titan-god of the sun, Helios, constructed in 280 BC to mark a failed siege and the indomitable nature of the Greek city of Rhodes itself.


Capital Chaos commends, “This colossus of an album delivers ten rock tracks clocking in at about forty-two minutes that you will find yourself blasting at full volume in your car. Why your car? Cause this album was bred to be listened to while driving down a desert highway, top down with a hot blonde next to you, rockin’ out right along with you as you head to the beautiful coasts of California,” The Obelisk notes, “…where their last full-length, 2011’s Salvador, was a pinnacle for their songwriting’s blend of fluid groove, soulful vocals and memorable tracks, Colossus reaps the reward of all their touring in pushing LO-PAN‘s methods even further. So it’s a meaner, more precise LO-PAN this time around…,” while Sea Of Tranquility adds, “Colossus will be a breath of fresh air for those that don’t mind a hint of the Sabbath influence but not looking for a rehash of Master Of Reality. Really strong vocals, catchy tunes, and of course plenty of great riffs make up the formula here, and it works from top to bottom.”


Sample “Eastern Seas,” courtesy of Revolver, at THIS LOCATION.
And if you missed it, check out “Vox,” now playing at The Obelisk at
THIS LOCATION as well as “Regulus” still streaming at Noisey at THIS LOCATION.

LO-PAN is currently rumbling stages across the US with Black Cobra with additional LO-PANheadlining shows added to the journey. See confirmed dates below.


LO-PAN w/ Black Cobra [remaining dates]
9/22/2014 Howlers – Pittsburgh, PA
9/23/2014 Reggie’s – Chicago, IL
9/24/2014 7th St Entry – Minneapolis, MN
9/26/2014 Replay – Lawrence, KS
9/27/2014 Lost Lake Lounge – Denver, CO
9/28/2014 Burt’s Tiki Bar – Salt Lake City, UT
9/29/2014 Dive Bar – Las Vegas, NV
9/30/2014 The Alley – Sparks, NV
10/01/2014 The Garage – Ventura, CA
10/02/2014 New Parish – Oakland, CA
10/04/2014 Downtown Lounge – Tulsa, OK *
10/17/2014 Ace Of Cups – Columbus, OH * Record Release Show
*LO-PAN headlining date/No Black Cobra

Colossus will be released via Small Stone October 7th, 2014. Preorder your copy today atTHIS LOCATION.  


“It’s larger than life… it’s way too much for your shitty foam earplugs to handle. It’s awesome.” – Noisey


For review links, interviews and guest list requests contact liz@earsplitcompound.com.