Railroad of Sin January Podcast

2015 - 01  cover Podcast

Here it is. Happy New Year to you. The January 2015 Podcast. This Podcast is dedicated to my top albums of 2014 list. You can read my list HERE. Listen to my favorite song from each album on this very Podcast. As always, this Podcast is hosted on Bandcamp so you can stream to your hearts content on any web browser or mobile device. Of course I want to hear your thoughts. Let me know in the comments below. Continue reading

Black Pussy; Decibel Streams “Butterfly” From New Album, Magic Mustache

Happy new year, everyone! A little NYE treat for you: Decibel Magazine is streaming the new heavy dreamer’s anthem “Butterfly” from Black Pussy’s forthcoming sophomore album, Magic Mustache. Decibel’s Adrien Begrand calls it “a spaced-out desert scorcher that should make Josh Homme and Dave Wyndorf nod in approval.” Magic Mustache will be available on LP/CD/DD via Made In China Records on February 17th.

Hear “Butterfly” courtesy of Decibel Magazine at THIS LOCATION.

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Album Spotlight; Unwanted and Worthless by Sluagh

Unwanted and Worthless by Sluagh

Just a quick little write up before I hit the sack. Heavy Planet posted this on their Facebook radio feed (which you should be following). This was to good to pass up. This is Sluagh’s debut full length album . It’s a killer slab of psychedelic doom metal, stoner rock, acid rock and a little proto-metal all wrapped up into one. The album is catchy in all the right places, it gets your head Continue reading

La Chinga European Vinyl Release

La Chinga Self Titled Euro Vinyl

La Chinga is a stoner boogie power trio sitting on the world’s edge in Vancouver, Canada. Drawing from Sabbath, Zep, the MC5 and their own superbad habits, La Chinga has established a penetrating buzz across Canadian campus radio. Selfreleased in 2013, the band’s debut self-titled album prompted ecstatic reviews from the kind of people who wonder why they don’t make ’em like this anymore.
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FUNERAL HORSE Announce Recording of New Album, New Drummer

FH Logo Final  outline

Dusting themselves off from their recent West Coast USA tour, Texas stoner doom trio FUNERAL HORSE has announced that they will be entering the studio to record the follow-up to their acclaimed second album, Sinister Rites of the Master (Artificial Head Records).
Additionally, the band wishes to officially announce Chris Bassett as their new drummer.  Chris will be joining the band in the studio to lay down the tracks for the third FUNERAL HORSE release.

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Friday Freebies 12-26-2014

Friday Freebies

“The more I listen to the more it takes to excite me. This demo has me jumping for joy! These 3 songs show the most promise of any demo I’ve heard practically all year long. Wow! Not since King Buffalo’s demo about this time last year, has a short intro provided such promise. 3 song concept album about gruesome stuff. Listen up and keep your eye out for these guys. -Bucky Brown” Continue reading

Album Spotlight; The High Hound Blues by Los Hombres del Diablo

The High Hound Blues

Hot damn. More hot music from Australia. This time from Los Hombres del Diablo. This is some hot desert rock in the same style of Fu Manchu or like the latest Brant Bjork album (whom is an influence of the band). It’s got a nice rocking yet mellow vibe. It’s a little laid back but not to much. Overall, this thing fucking rocks! Like your desert rock hot? This is for you.

BORDERLAND FUZZ FIESTA: Tucson, Arizona’s First Annual Riff Party Reveals 2015 Lineup Including Fireball Ministry, Wo Fat, Mos Generator & More

BORDERLAND FUZZ FIESTA: Tucson, Arizona’s First Annual Riff Party Reveals 2015 Lineup Including FIREBALL MINISTRY, WO FAT, MOS GENERATOR & More

The desert city of Tucson, AZ is host to a wide array of annual events in the musical realm and this coming February will see the addition of a still another: The Borderland Fuzz Fiesta. Conceived and curated by the Rudell brothers of regional desert rockersPowered Wig Machine and Fuzz Evil, the inaugural show will take place on February 21st at The Rock.
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Album Spotlight; Violent At Altitude by Drifter

Violent At Altitude by Drifter

A browsing a recent albums on Bandcamp lead me to Drifter. This album has a cool desert rock meets stoner rock meets punk meets hard rock vibe. The style changes from song to song but that album remains punk at heart. There’s a lot of aggression on this one as it appears to be an angry and raw album. Of course that just adds to the beauty of it. As a whole the album is great. It’s definitely one of the more diverse ones. My favorite song is the instrumental “Devil Digger.” It’s one of the more laid back songs but it also has a spacey/psychedelic vibe to it. This album is one you need to check out ASAP.

Album Spotlight; ATTALLA by ATTALLA


“Hailing from a state known for the invention of the electric guitar, the most notorious serial killers, long, ruthless winters and more bars than churches, ATTALLA doesn’t have to look far for inspiration. Starting in late 2012, with roots in punk and hardcore, its members applied their DIY ethos to a style of music that had fueled their earlier endeavors but had yet to be fully harnessed. Drawing influences from Black Sabbath to Black Flag, ATTALLA started writing and forming what has become their debut LP. Recorded on Halloween 2013, this record is the result of months of sonic drudgery and aural abuse. Backed by the support of their local scene, ATTALLA trudges forward, spreading their brand of rock’n’roll to future sufferers of tinnitus.”

The Midwest of chock full of talented bands from all genres. ATTALLA are no exception. Located just a few hours North of Milwaukee in nearby Oshkosh, Wisconsin, ATTALLA tear it up with some pretty juicy doomy riffs mixed in with some NWOBHM and a little classic rock to top it off. The self titled release is nothing short of breath taking and impressive. This is only 1 album but it’s finely done and very impressive. It’s pretty evident from the amount of people that have already purchased it.