Best of 2015; Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions 2015

While there were some many great albums released in 2015, there were a lot more that I couldn’t quite fit into my year end best list. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t any good and are well worth mentioning. I know there are bound to be a few that I missed, my fault for not keeping better track of them throughout the year. Going though my collection, here is best of the rest that I listened to in 2015 in no particular order. Don’t forget to also check out my Top 25 of 15 and my non rock lists. Continue reading

Friday Freebies 12-18-2015

Friday Freebies

Something tells me that not many people will be reading this today as they’re either sleeping from being up and catching Star Wars or will be seeing it at some point today. Anyways, tune in and may the force be with you. Continue reading

Desert Suns: Hard rocking San Diego quartet to re-release debut album worldwide through Ripple Music/HeviSike Record

Released earlier in the year and limited to a run of 300 copies on vinyl through the Birmingham-based label HeviSike Records, San Diego rockers Desert Suns self-titled debut will receive an official re-release worldwide this January through a special collaboration between Ripple Music and HeviSike Records.

In that space where psychedelia, blues-rock, doom and sludge coalesce, it’s there you’re likely to find Desert Suns. Formed in late 2013, from the outset the Californian four-piece demonstrated a versatility rarely seen amongst their contemporaries. In no time at all they wrote, recorded and released their debut single ‘Burning Temples’ in January of 2014, and by the summer they had already started to unload an arsenal of new sounds. Continue reading

H42 Records CD LABEL SAMPLER ,Home Of The Deer – Vol. I’ sees the light of day before X-Mas!

 H42 Home of The Deer Vol 1

H42 Records ‚Home Of The Deer – Vol. 1‘ Label Promo-CD Sampler (H42-025)


On 22 January 2016 the Hamburg based Label H42 Records is celebrating its third anniversary. Among other things, this will be celebrated with the Promo Label Sampler ‘Home Of The Deer Vol. 1’. From the 14th December, all songs will be streamed for two days till January 22th 2016 on the Bandcamp page ( of the label. Among them are well-known songs from H42 Records releases such as ‘Raise Hell’ by The Flying Eyes from H42 Records first output in 2013, but also new previously unreleased tracks as ‘The Awakening’ by MosGenerator or the brand new track ‘Supernova Remnant’ of Molior Continue reading

The Golden Grass: Brooklyn-Based Psychedelic Rock Trio Joins Listenable Records

Listenable Records is very pleased to welcome Brooklyn-based psychedelic rock trio

THE GOLDEN GRASS to the label’s expanding ranks for the release of their sophomore full-length.

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Sun Voyager Updates

Inline image 1

It’s been a hell of a year. We played 50 shows and we’re still making friends all over the world, but we’re still growing and we’re still writing. The wheels are spinning on an actual full length. This time, we mean it. We’re in the studio this month to begin tracking, for the first time, as a three piece. Yes, Steve has gone on to greener pastures in the great Southern state of Alabama. The three of us couldn’t wish anything but the best for him. He left things on good terms and we’re still great friends. Our last recording with him will be coming out in early 2016 on a 7″ vinyl split on King Pizza Records with our brothers The Mad Doctors.

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New Ripple-Music Releases

RELEASED TODAY: KIND‘s Rocket ScienceBlackwülf‘s Oblivion Cycle and Sonic Medusa‘s The Sunset Soundhouse Tapes on Ripple Music

“There are few outfits out there keeping alive the spirit of true rock. KIND is one of them.”
Music & Riots“The prospect of four seasoned guys from heavy psych and stoners’ fertile pastures is intriguing. Dissecting the spun-out, stonerish grooves of their other projects and yanking out its psychedelic membrane, Rocket Science sounds more like a bad trip than a backyard party.”
Metal Hammer“KIND have created a magical and almost surreal experience with Rocket Science and one that ranks as perhaps the best Stoner Rock album of the year.”
Outlaws Of The Sun
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Friday Freebies 12-11-2015

Friday Freebies

A three-piece band trying to mix all different influences in a sort of “post-stoner” approach, with fuzzy-obsessive riffs sustained by a heavy rhythm section fusing the classic stoner approach into the psychedelic sound of sixties and seventies. Continue reading

Friday Freebies 12-04-2015

Friday Freebies

“These guys go off like a frog in a sock! Leaning more towards the Grunge/Hard Rock end of the Stoner spectrum, Mocho Diablo generate a powerful sonic experience not unsimilar to Lord 13 or DSW. The interplay between lead & base guitar on Hispaniola is pretty cool. These guys can Continue reading

Gozu Sign With Ripple-Music; New Album Due Spring 2016

Ripple Music is thrilled to announce the signing of Boston, MA heavy rock quartet Gozu and with it the arrival of their third studio album Revival in Spring 2016.

Since appearing on the underground scene in 2009 after the release of their self-titled EP, Gozu have continued to lay down a furious and rare breed of colossal stoner rock. A sound that in recent years has truly come into its own, two albums deep with 2010’s Locust Season and 2013’s The Fury Of A Patient Man, both released on the influential Small Stone Continue reading