Album Spotlight; Resonance by Kingsnake


What a lovely surprise. After I first heard the new from Heavy Planet that Kingsnake was releasing a new album I became as giddy as a kid with a shopping spree to Toysrus. Kingsnake has always been a favorite of mine since I first heard of them after their first album was released. Continue reading

Friday Freebies 9-30-2016

Friday Freebies

 Three basement dwelling cryptids ready to take back rock n roll Singing songs of rock huts and mythological creatures, since 2005 they have been honing their respective crafts to create the glorious cacophony of noise and feedback known as Leeds Point, all for your listening displeasure.
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Album Spotlight; Astra Planeta by Comacozer

Astra Planeta by Comacozer

“3 piece instrumental dark heavy psych space acid rock band from Sydney, Australia.”

 The band has been around for a few years and I’ve really enjoyed their previous stuff but there’s something about Astra Planeta. It seems that the band has taken their natural talents and taken it up a few notches.  Continue reading

Album Spotlight; Limestone Whale by Limestone Whale

Limestone Whale

Here’s one writeup that is long overdue. When Limestone Whale released their self titled EP a few years back it was like love at first sight, er, I mean first listen. Now their self titled full length has been out for awhile and I’ve had plenty of time to soak it all in.  Continue reading

Album Spotlight; SVVAMP by SVVAMP

When I hit play I liked what I heard but I had to check the calendar to see what year it was. 2016. Still not convinced, I had to check my phone. Yep, it’s still 2016. You wouldn’t think when listening to SVVAMP’s self titled.  Continue reading

Graveyard And What They Meant To Me

Graveyard Band

By now most of you have already heard that Graveyard has decided to call it a day. Yes, it’s a sad day, a dark day and the end of an era. I want to take a moment to write about the band and what they mean to me.

I used to listen to a lot of radio rock back in the day. I had my favorites such as the old Seattle Continue reading

Album Spotlight; Viper Vixen Goddess Saint by Fire Down Below

The amount of music that comes my way can be quite overwhelming at times. I try to sample everything that comes in but it is impossible to cover everything. Among the mass amounts of music that comes my way, occasionally something really sticks out like a sore thumb and screams Continue reading

Friday Freebies 9-23-2016

Friday Freebies

Brother Ox was a band with an idea behind it. Labor, societal pressure, anguish of the common man: listen to the first album, you hear these themes. This was a good thing.

But it was also an excuse to hide.

Volume 2 is full of characters you know in your personal experience, and some you haven’t met yet. It’s the same for us. Is it rock or something worse? Are we traitors? To what cause? None. Continue reading

Album Spotlight; Geezer by Geezer


It seems like yesterday I was going to the mailbox in the shitty area of Chicago I was living at the time to get the mail. There was an envelope addressed to The Soda Shop from a Mr. Pat Harrington and inside was a CDR enclosed in a cardboard and duct taped case. There was every bit of pro look to it, as much as a DIY band could do. I put the CD in, then as Continue reading