Friday Freebies 11-25-2016

Friday Freebies

” This sounds like the fm radio bands from my high school years in the late seventies. Add a touch of grunge and a touch of stoner rock and you got Blackdust from Brazil. -Paul Rote” Continue reading

Album of the Week; Defenders of the Riff by Wasted Theory

Defenders of the Riff by Wasted Theory

If I had to describe Wasted Theory’s Defender of the Riff with just one word, I would have to use behemoth. It’s much larger than big and at least 10x larger than mammoth. To say Wasted Theory made leaps and bounds with the new album over an already fine Death and Taxes is an Continue reading

Friday Freebies 11-4-2016

Friday Freebies

Troubles by the Score is the second EP released by Finnish waster rockers King of None. Featuring three and a half action-packed songs, the EP contains some feels and some reals. The title describes the album’s recording and mixing process and is inspired by the wastelands of Mojave and forests of Kilo.The lyrical themes of the album deal with interstellar space travel gone wrong (or horribly right) with your loved ones, trading addictions and truths in light of existential Continue reading