Album Spotlight; SVVAMP by SVVAMP

When I hit play I liked what I heard but I had to check the calendar to see what year it was. 2016. Still not convinced, I had to check my phone. Yep, it’s still 2016. You wouldn’t think when listening to SVVAMP’s self titled. 

The album is a pretty mellow yet rocking album that sounds like it’s set in 1976. It sounds so 1976ish that at times it feels like it’s an album recorded 40 years ago but recently remastered. It’s very authentic sounding that it could pass for it. I’m not sure if that’s what the Swedish band set out to do or how it turned out, whatever way, it works. They describe their sound as a mix of CCR, Thin Lizzy, and Cream to name a few so my guess is it’s intentional.

This isn’t your typical fast paced album. As I said before, it’s pretty mellow. I think that’s what really makes this album really stand out because it’s not shouting out “hey, look at me.” Instead, it’s that quiet shy kid you hear making noise off in the background. The kid is really talented and it’s enough to draw you away from what you’re doing to check it out and find out that damn, the kid is onto something. This album is special, that is for sure. It sorta fills the void of the recently broken up Graveyard although not nearly as uptempo as Graveyard can be. Don’t just take it from e though, hit play below and hear for yourself.

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