Album Spotlight; Resonance by Kingsnake


What a lovely surprise. After I first heard the new from Heavy Planet that Kingsnake was releasing a new album I became as giddy as a kid with a shopping spree to Toysrus. Kingsnake has always been a favorite of mine since I first heard of them after their first album was released.

Right away you’re greeted with some killer fuzzed out guitars. The album doesn’t let up and once it has your attention, it’s very hard to let it go. The band is influenced by Clutch and it is pretty evident in their sound. As I stated once before in a review, it’s as if Stevie Ray Vaughn fronted Clutch during the Blast Tyrant years. Resonance is 9 songs of full fuzzy and hard rock bliss. You’d be pretty hard pressed to find a song or two on here that you wouldn’t like.

It’s a shame that these guys aren’t bigger than they are, their sound is great, the songs are catchy, and aside from the Clutch influence, they’re a pretty unique band. The album hit today, go give it a whirl.

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