Album of the Week; Defenders of the Riff by Wasted Theory

Defenders of the Riff by Wasted Theory

If I had to describe Wasted Theory’s Defender of the Riff with just one word, I would have to use behemoth. It’s much larger than big and at least 10x larger than mammoth. To say Wasted Theory made leaps and bounds with the new album over an already fine Death and Taxes is an understatement, but a true one.

Well they did do it, they topped themselves in a fashion that I imagine only they can do. The album is full of hard pounding rock layered with riff upon riff. Catchy tunes compliment an already awesome set of songs that will make your head spin. It’s complete head banging music with an awesome groove to it. I’ve had ample time with this album and it’s a fine fine specimen. 

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