Daily Bandcamp Album; Metamodern Sounds In Country Music by Sturgill Simpson

Tonight marks the night that Saturday Night Live makes it’s new season debut. To kick off the long running series new season, SNL has tapped Sturgill Simpson to be the musical host. Sturgill is no stranger to the late night talk show appearances but tonight marks his SNL debut. This is the first of what could be many high profile appearances in 2017, the next one being the Grammys where he’s up for album of the year. I’m sure Sturgill will be singing 2 songs off his excellent A Sailor’s Guide To Earth but that’s not on Bandcamp so I have to go with his breakthrough album, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music.

Metamodern Sounds in Country Music was my absolute favorite album release of 2014. I lost myself to this album for many weeks at a time when it came out. I still do from time to time. Sturgill did for country music me what Clutch and Graveyard did for rock music. They all made me realize that the best music is often times never played on the radio.

Metamodern is a classic country album that makes one think of classic country musicians such as Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard. It’s a modern country album with a classic feel. Sturgill has shown that he’s got a knack for song writing. It took 3 albums to finally get noticed (I’m counting his 2011 Sunday Valley album, a fantastic prelude of things to come btw) and Metamodern is the perfect album to get noticed to.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Sturgill Simpson yet, here’s your chance and a good album to get started with.

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