Friday Freebies 2-17-2017

“Often the line between madness and wisdom can intersect and overlap. And here we have sonic proof primed and ready to belt outta your speakers – at high volume, of course! Fitting that such a recording would come to us from Greece (another one!) as the country is historically known to have spawned great philosophers and thinkers as well as a fair whack of maniacs and deviants…

Concluding summation: rock ‘n’ roll wisdom tells us that you’d be mad not to listen to this! -Scumbag”

“Their two songs match the strange duel between guitar and drums, delivering compositions with incantatory accents” … it is on stage that they prefer to deliver the energy that makes the very material of their music. The audience then becomes, during a trance sound, the witness of fantasy landscapes and lived lives. “

Dendrites is a Modern Groove Metal Rock band, from Greece

 The Kola Koca Death Squad play garage rock the way that Neil Young and Crazy Horse did on Ragged Glory. This is “plug in the amp and wail away” music. “Trying To Remember” is a an all out jam that shows exactly what kind of power two people can bring to a song. Where “Power Stroke” is a three chord rocker that could have been written by Ray Davies and “To Whom It May Concern” has a serious Roger Waters vibe running through it. “Long Way” is a Stones rip off that is very entertaining.

Born in the late-1800s Monkey Warhol began making electronic music of various sorts, tones and timbers in 1978. Inspired by Bob Dylan’s loud and abrasive “Metal Machine Music”, Monkey turned to music as a source of income after failed stints as both a zookeeper and dental hygienist.

Grunge rock from MExico

“Belgian acid folk from 1973 !!! -Paul Rote”

Citing influences such as Earth, The Jesus Lizard and Boris, Hawk vs Dove has a knack for gut-churning guitar licks, ominous tones and unconventional harmonies. Progressive without losing sight of nod-worthy songs, innovative without excess, they have a grasp on where heavy music has been and where it ought to go.

 “Premier division psych doom from their satanic majesties Strange Broue, fucking love it .. -Steve Rodger”

Newcastle Upon Tyne, 3 Piece Earthpop = Astral-psyche = N.R.G = Stoner = Blues = RockandRoll.

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