Friday Freebies 2-24-2017

WAMi nominated Perth psych-folk-rock 5 piece The Lammas Tide take their cues from the past and deftly bring them into the present.Drawing on psychedelic and folk rock luminaries like Jefferson Airplane, Jethro Tull, and Cream, the band’s melodic approach incorporates fiddle, Rhodes, riffs, fuzz and bluesy inflections, bringing depth, soul and a fresh energy to classic 60s organ-driven psychedelia.

bluesy Stoner rock from Toledo

Live album b a killer band, The Legendary Good Times

vegan, non-gmo, organic, fair trade, free range, anti-biotic free, grassfed, cage free, fresh, oven-baked JAMZ from the 512

Roadburn Records is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and has been active since 2007. The label is run by Jurgen van den Brand (also formerly of Roadburn Festival).

Here is the Orange Sunshine set

An accident, which turned into a friendship. A spree that turned into a comedy. Once these four guys got together to do rock, the rural region of Joinville has never been the same. Drinking from stoner rock source, Arataca Stoned Farmers is a mix of hard rock, engaging lyrics, humor, beer and friends.

Psychedelic stoner rock

“Is there nothing I wont buy that has a splash of purple and black on it’s cover ? Luckily once again it’s worked out great. Was not sure about the vocals but they are growing on me with each listen…. -Steve Rodger”

Stoner rock from Argentina

Canadian stoner rock

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