Friday Freebies 3-3-2017

The very first Tourette Boys release. Fully Analogue recorded at Schaltraum Studio Berlin in 2013. The Record was self-released with help from the “Triumph of Death” collective.

“Pot smoking acid rock ! Cool retro vibes. Male and female vocals. I’m digging this tripped out band! -Paul Rote”

“As the nights are getting lighter and summer will be here before long I will have to change into my light robes of doom and can see myself driving along windows down to this. Without wishing to compare this to something else if you dig Truckfighters you may like this.- Steve Rodger”

The Road Miles are a southern gothic band based in Athens, GR. Their fuzzy sound combines rock’n’roll energy with darkaesthetic under the influence of psychedelic blues.

They drag their guitars through reverb sounds and fuzz pedals while filtering the vocals with low-fi microphones, telling stories from a world full of heat, dust and red suns reflected on the steel hood of a deserted sedan.

Beer fueled stoner and heavy metal for all the trippers, tokers, hippies and followers of the left-hand path out there.

“One track, 18 mins+ long, of sublime psych flavoured stoner/sludge metal from Greece. Opens with slightly gothic vocals over tinkling percussion and bass then morphs into a ferocious sludge fest of heavy riffs, raw and clean vocals and moments of delicious heavy psych.
Stunning! -FDJ”

We started to get our shit sorted the latter half of 2007. We’ve faced some major hurdles since, including the passing of our great mate Darren Egelhoff (the drummer and a founding member of the band) We’ve finished the E.P on his behalf and we will be back out there gigging around Feb 2012, meanwhile, here is our music, listen enjoy and we’ll see you soon!!

 Straytones is a psychedelic rock/garage rock band from Kiyv, Ukraine.

Paris-based fuzzheads trio formed in 2014.

Sand, cactus and sun melted into a stoner heavy psych band.

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