Friday Freebies 3-10-2017

We are a two piece band based in Rome who loves the raw, simple and soulful music that goes straight to the heart.

Many influences from roots musics to the modern stuff.
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bluesy hard rock/heavy psych

Guitarist/Multi-Instrumentalist Eddie Brnabic has written, recorded, produced and been involved one way or another in the making of over 20 albums ranging in many musical styles, as well as toured the United States and Europe. 2010 marked the release of his first solo record “Beatitude” and in 2011 he teamed up with “The Cosmic Fellowship” to deliver “Subtle Realms” which was released in late 2013

 The curtain rises, and The End Men appear, bringing dirty blues laden rock along for the show. With vocals dripping with coarse emotion, guitar riffs skillfully take your hand through a heavy percussive spectacle, all coming together into a beautiful sonic storytelling. The curtain closes leaving you breathless and screaming for more.

 “Killer stoner riffs dripping with grungy spaced out fuzz and a massive helping of euphoric atmosphere. Vocals beam with smooth melodic sex appeal while a mild industrial current ignites an explosive groove melding a magmatic storm of desert rock fury. This shit is huge and catchy to boot. -Bucky”

“UK stoner/hard rock from the UK that mixes gritty fuzzed out riffs with infectious classic rock melodies and hooks. -FDJ”

” Impressive two tracker of alt/grunge (I can see Paul Rote blanching) that has a touch of doominess to it’s makeup. These guys straddle two genres quite cleverly and I look forward to hearing more from this band. -FDJ”

garage rock from down under

 “Good damn riffs to go with drinking bourbon and chasing chicks. This shit will put hair on your chest. Corn fed and fueled by cold winters and hot summers these mid-western hooligans play riffs that cut through rock.  -Old Man Doom”

Stoner rock desde Asunción, Paraguay.

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