Friday Freebies – 4-28-2017

When blues, rock ‘n’ roll, and a heavy amount of groove come together there can only be one outcome – MultistoreyLover.

this is a compilation from (un)released material from 2011-2014. this was mephistofeles back at the time. old band line ups & a bunch of old diy home-made / live / raw demos recordings under the home label of “spectral recording”.

Shotgun Sawyer is a loud, three piece blues-rock band from Auburn CA featuring David Lee on drums, Brett (the Butcher)Sanders on bass, and Dylan Jarman for vocals and lead guitar. Their musical style is best described as a heavy, authentic, modern approach to the raw Delta Blues style.

Many years ago, NOSIS began in a grungy basement when bassist Robby Bell answered an ad in FFWD magazine placed by TrevorWelsh. As soon as the two got together, Robby and Trevor’s influences combined into a down-tuned sludgy mix of grunge, stoner rock, and rock and roll.
NOSIS has been thrilling and impressing audiences with their own unique mix of raw and heavy Rock and Roll!

Bill Valley isn’t an American band.
A stoner-post-rock duo formed in 2015 with Nico on Bass / Lead vocal and Igor on Drums / Backing vocal.

 “Bluesy stoner grooves touched with a hint of psych and grunge colouring from a band who know how to deliver bluesy stoner grooves with a hint of psych and grunge colouring. -FDJ”

Doomed & Stoned brings you the latest and best in doom metal and stoner rock, traversing over four decades of heavy music, with particular interest in underground, unsigned bands in the tradition of Black Sabbath.

Heavy stoner rock from San Diego.

“Awesome two tracker of psych drenched blues soaked magnificence. The blues is alive and well and living in Newcastle!
Full review here ….. -FDJ”

“Fucking excellent. Bluesy, psychedelic and fuzztastic riffs coupled with great vocals make this one a winner. Buy this one right now, folks. You won’t regret it. -Skyler Issac”

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