Friday Freebies 5-5-2017

“Monobrow have shed their riff lashes and shape-shifted their reflection in the form of a brand new concept album. ‘The Nacarat’ is their most ambitious work to date and continues on the progression of monstrously metallic hooks treading with progressive blues and exploding by way of class warfare. The Nacarat bridges the gap of instrumental stoner rock and downright lethal doom-laden ecstasy with a trail of fuzz so thick and groovy you’ll forget which side of the brow you reside -Bucky”

“Heavy rock the way it should be played …with power, passion and a sense of fun! -FDJ”

 Washington, D.C.’s Gorazde is the doom/psych studio project fronted by sole musician JeremyMoore.

Initial demo recordings began in 2005 with the debut album “This Carrion Underground” surfacing in 2010.
2017’s “Dance Of The Opium Eaters” sees Gorazde abandoning the darker blues roots of previous releases for a rougher take on psych, drone and noise rock.

MEAN MOTHER began in 2003 as a side-project to pay tribute to the music they were raised on. ZZ Top, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin & Deep Purple were on the turntable & weekends were spent at drag races, riding motorcycles & drinking obscene amounts of liquor around bonfires in the swamps of northern Michigan. MEAN MOTHER has played & developed a devoted following in the midwest.

4 thoughts on “Friday Freebies 5-5-2017

  1. Thank you for taking the time to compile these lists. I love hard rock music but there is so much great stuff out there. It’s great to have a few starting points to get rolling.

    Mike V

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