Album Spotlight; Demo by King Buffalo

King Buffalo Demo

For a demo recorded over the course of two days in their practice space, King Buffalo have some finely recorded tunes that put even some professionally recorded material to shame. I suspect that a lot of thoughtful planning, lots of practice and years of experience among the band members played a role in it all. This demo has been around since November of last year. There’s no doubt that many people have heard it by now. I too heard it when it was released but I never really “listened” to it until now. It’s a lot better than I remember too. Perhaps being able to focus on it this time around helped.

The demo is 3 songs, just shy of 23 minutes long. The sound is heavy psych rock with a blend of 70’s hard rock and plenty of fuzz. Bands such as The Black Angels and Dead Meadow appear to be influences, especially “Providence Eye” which is an 11 minute opus filled with plenty of drawn out guitar solos and instrumentals.

The band is working on a full length due out sometime this year. If it’s anything like this demo, people are going to be talking about it for a long long time. The album is a free download. Physical CDs will cost you $1. Grab it now if you haven’t already. You’re going to love what you hear. They also have a split album coming out through STB Records as well.

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