Album Spotlight; EP One by Grail

EP One by Grail

Texas is a state that is on my bucket list to visit. In all honesty, I think I should move there. There is no shortage of good rock music that comes from Texas. Texas is the US’s version of all of Europe for good rock music. I could start naming names and it would take days just to get through about a fourth of them. One name I will point out though is Grail.

I found them through Bandcamp the other day when I was looking for something to listen to while I worked on some remodeling I’ve been doing on my house. I really wasn’t to sure I liked it at first but I kept listening. Then I listened again and again and again. It got to the point where I had to write about it, I thought it was that damn good.

The EP is nothing short of awesome. “Castle Law” kicks things off with a sound byte of some thunder but cuts right to the chase. It’s a pretty aggressive song being fast and heavy. It’s like punk meets doom with a hint of thrash. “Deadahead” opens with some heavy and killer riffs that leave you wondering which direction it could lead to next. It certainly doesn’t puss out. The licks keep on continuing getting melodic at times. “Heathen” starts off slow and drawn out. It gains a little speed when the vocals kick in but for the most part, it’s a slower song. Very moody in a Doomy sort of way. “Ride” is more of a straight up rock song. If you’re familiar with the Australian band Mammoth Mammoth, this song is like something they put out. Sadly all good things must come to and end and “The Horsemen” is it. It’s a barn burning, ass kicking song.

This EP is on two missions, to kick ass and chew bubble gum. Oh, it’s all out of gum. In all seriousness, this is some mighty music. For 24 minutes worth of music, it packs a fucking punch like you wouldn’t believe. It’s the type of music that puts air on your chest and makes women weak at the knees. Don’t believe me? That band is streaming it over on Bandcamp. They do have cds available which should be available for purchase soon.

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