The Evil Engineer. Web blog started by Bill Goodman, formerly from The Soda Shop.

I started writing about music in February 2009 with The Soda Shop. Spreading news and reviews focused on the stoner rock, hard rock, doom metal and sludge metal genres. I took a hiatus from The Soda Shop in May 2013 to deal with some personal issues. I wrote a little bit for The Ripple-Effect but I did miss the whole running a whole site deal.

Originally I wanted to name the site after a Clutch song. I also wanted a dot com address. All the names that I considered were already taken as a dot com in some capacity. After a few days of pondering what to name the site it occurred to me. By profession I’m a locomotive engineer for a class 1 railroad. I haul heavy freight. I thought something with engineer in the title sounded fitting, thus the name “The Evil Engineer” name was born. On February 11th, 2014, I registered the domain and the site was born.


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  1. glad to have you back in action!!! I really liked the Soda Shop and was introduced to SO many bands I never heard of. Borracho is probably my favorite that I found with many in a close second.
    Keep up the great work and keep on rockin’!

  2. Hi from Argentina Bill! Nice to know about you again. I missed The Soda Shop news in Facebook, and when trying to open The soda website it braught me here. Now I will be updated on stoner news again thank to you, like it was before! Very gratefull about that. I remember you did a very good review of a work i did with my previous band Munnrha, and chose us as band of the day/week/month, don’t remember well but was very flattering! That was several years ago. Again, great to see you again, and I expect to have some work to show you from my new proyect, and know what do you think about it. Keep on rocking Bill! (sorry for my english…)

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