Friday Freebies 2-17-2017

“Often the line between madness and wisdom can intersect and overlap. And here we have sonic proof primed and ready to belt outta your speakers – at high volume, of course! Fitting that such a recording would come to us from Greece (another one!) as the country is historically known to have spawned great philosophers and thinkers as well as a fair whack of maniacs and deviants… Continue reading

Friday Freebies 9-23-2016

Friday Freebies

Brother Ox was a band with an idea behind it. Labor, societal pressure, anguish of the common man: listen to the first album, you hear these themes. This was a good thing.

But it was also an excuse to hide.

Volume 2 is full of characters you know in your personal experience, and some you haven’t met yet. It’s the same for us. Is it rock or something worse? Are we traitors? To what cause? None. Continue reading