Friday Freebies 2-17-2017

“Often the line between madness and wisdom can intersect and overlap. And here we have sonic proof primed and ready to belt outta your speakers – at high volume, of course! Fitting that such a recording would come to us from Greece (another one!) as the country is historically known to have spawned great philosophers and thinkers as well as a fair whack of maniacs and deviants… Continue reading

Daily Bandcamp Album; Crooked by Orbiter

“An Oslo-based heavy rock trio, Orbiter are on a mission to pay homage to, and challenge, heavy music, combining aggressive metal with laid-back jam rock.”

Holy hell is this short and sweet or what? This is some very good laid out aggressive jams. Head pounding, that’s for sure.

Friday Freebies 1-13-2017


Drawing inspiration from proto to vintage Heavy Metal, as well as from the imaginary of the movies & comics of the same era, WRECK PLUS is proud to present its second studio EP, somberly titled DARK CONSTRUKTOR. Continue reading

Friday Freebies 1-6-2017

In order to keep his demons at bay, he played dark and heavy music.He called it “Weird rock”. To have the demons close to him,they wouldn’t hurt him. After a number of years living away from his country the Kid returns to Mad Athens to form a band and try to make himself heard. So come closer. Long live the Kid. Continue reading

Friday Freebies 8-26-2016

Friday Freebies

“Blues drenched stoner with mad eyed gnarly vocals and gnarlier riffs and rhythms.
Great artwork completes the package.-FDJ” Continue reading

Friday Freebies 6-17-2016

Friday Freebies

” New EP The Moon trumps The Sun by adding more swagger, more rock, and a whole lotta psychedelic grooves. This is deeply compelling hard/space/stoner/psych rock that demands you crank it up really loud to fully enjoy every satisfying moment. -Michael Rilley” Continue reading

Friday Freebies 6-3-2016

Friday Freebies

This ghost dwells in the dark chambers of a gun. It’s the invisible messenger of inevitable impact. For those who prey in the shadows on something dark, heavy, always melodic and with a touch of sludge. Continue reading

Album Spotlight; Black Echo Trap by Birthday Kicks

Birthday Kicks - Black Echo Trap - cover

Here’s one the popped up out of nowhere. It’s not a submission but one I decided to check out on my own. The is called Birthday Kicks. Their Black Echo Trap album is a chilled out stoner and fuzz rock album with lots of desert rock influence. I hear a lot of Dozer. Others have said they hear Continue reading

Friday Freebies 11-06-2015

Friday Freebies

“New band of Black Thai guitarist and vocalist Jim Healey. Great vocals, riffs and rhythms combined with some strong song writing make buying this a no-brainer. -FDJ” Continue reading

All Them Witches Release New West Records’ Debut on Oct. 30

Dying Surfer Meets His Maker cover; High resolution band photo (credit Robby Staebler):
LOS ANGELES, Aug. 12, 2015 – All Them Witches, the Nashville psych-rock quartet whose recent Bonnaroo debut was heralded by Fuse, American Songwriter,Consequence of Sound and the Nashville Scene, release their label debut, Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, on Oct. 30 via New West Records. Continue reading